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Tips for Making Healthy Choices While Traveling

plane-silhouette-1414861-mIn my job I travel a lot. But I don’t let all the travel keep me from making healthy choices.

When it comes to eating, there are many restaurants out there that advertise their healthy menu, and those are the ones you should attempt to frequent whenever possible, while traveling. However, if you are a business traveler and your customers or co-workers prefer the typical steakhouse or you are in airports most of the time, it’s important that you get comfortable with ordering things “special.”

The good news is, most restaurants will accommodate your requests, and you can do it quietly with the waiter, or before your meal, so you aren’t looking like Sally from “When Harry Met Sally” all the time. Even steakhouses that drench everything in butter and salt will have fish and vegetarian options and are willing to cook the dish plain for you. All you have to do is politely ask and even make a joke out of it “I am about to destroy the chef’s master recipe by asking you to make it as boring as possible.”

Sometimes you have to “over correct” and ask for “zero butter, zero salt, no sauce, no oil,” then ask for the salt and oil on the side so you are able to season it yourself. Once you are accustomed to tasting food without butter, sauces or salt, it becomes like second nature to ask for things plain or “on the side.”

A prime example of “on the side” is salad dressing. You might think you’re making a healthy choice in ordering a salad, but salad dressings can ruin a perfectly healthy salad. It is best to order the dressing with the least amount of cream or sugar (Vinaigrette typically is low sugar, but make sure you ask.).

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As a working mother with two small children, Candice Imwalle understands the challenge of incorporating healthy eating into daily life. In her job as a medical devices regional manager she encounters patients regularly who suffer from vascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes, most commonly caused by a lifetime of poor food choices. Inspired by her job, and the rising obesity rates for both children and adults in the United States, Imwalle decided to search for children’s books about the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle for her kids to read. The lack of options for this kind of children’s literature motivated Imwalle to write her own book – Sir Morgan and the Kingdom of Horrible Food. With a drive to educate children early, so they make good food choices and have a healthy adult life, Imwalle enlisted the writing help of her daughter Isabella and son Cameron, ages five and eight at the time) to assure the book was fun and interesting to younger readers.

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