Kids’ Healthy Eating Habit Books

Want to help your children learn how to make better food choices and to understand the importance of a healthy diet? Discover fun, imaginative, and informative healthy eating habit books for kids from Candice Imwalle!

Help Kids Learn About the Joy of Healthy Eating

With the help of these fun and beautifully designed books, your kids will love learning about healthy diets and food choices and how the food can impact their health both physically and mentally. For example, Sir Morgan and the Kingdom of Horrible Food teaches about the consequences of food that is high in fat, sugar, and calories. When a kingdom comes under the spell of an evil witch, the citizens now see how their food choices have affected their lives. This delightful book will show kids how good health starts with good food. Another book, Howard the Seagull Flies to the Moon and Stars, teaches kids the importance of healthy nutrition through the eyes of Howard the Seagull. As Howard dreams of soaring to the stars, he learns, alongside his friend Charlie, that junk food will only limit his dreams. Discover how Howard achieves what he wants with help from friends and good, nutritious food!

Get Involved With Your Children’s Eating Choices

As a parent, you’ll be able to have discussions with your children about their food choices and be better involved with what your children eat. As you read these books with your children, you can talk about:
  • Food choices your children are making every day
  • Popular food items that your children might want
  • Positive and negative consequences of food choices
  • New food choices your children will make as they grow up
  • Food decisions that you and your child can make together
Involve your child in their eating decisions while also encouraging them to eat healthy and be aware of the impact their diet can have. That way, your children can feel involved and excited while you help them make good choices.

Get Started With Healthy Nutrition Today

Want to help your child start their lifelong journey toward a healthy diet and positive life? With kids’ healthy eating habit books, you can! Buy Sir Morgan and the Kingdom of Horrible Food, purchase Howard the Seagull Flies to the Moon and Stars, or check out the blog for additional tips. Have questions? Just fill out the contact form to the right of the contact page.

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