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5 Easy and Healthy After-School Snacks

Hummus and carrots as a healthy snackMost children are really hungry and ready to eat a snack as soon as they get home from school. Because my kids always come home starving from their busy day at school, I have some simple and healthy snacks available that provide a good source of protein to help fill their hungry tummies and some good nutrition.

When you are at the grocery store looking for snacks, just remember kids should have one item that is high in protein, like Greek yogurt or cheese, with a fruit or a vegetable. To increase the chances of kids going for the healthier snacks, have them easily available by washing and slicing the carrots or celery ahead of time so the kids can grab them quickly when they come in the door, instead of reaching for cookies or chips.

Here are some snacks that are easy to prepare and can even be considered self-serve for kids ages five or older. They’re just enough to feed a hungry student, but not so much that dinner is spoiled.

  • String cheese and carrot sticks
  • Apple slices and peanut butter (use other nut butter for those with allergies)
  • Cold edamame with raisins, cherry tomatoes or cucumbers
  • A hardboiled egg and banana slices
  • Hummus with celery sticks

In all cases use the recommended serving size on your product and use the most natural, least sugar products you can find.

A healthy snack after school helps to boost your child’s energy and provide some good nutrition for their growing bodies.

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As a working mother with two small children, Candice Imwalle understands the challenge of incorporating healthy eating into daily life. In her job as a medical devices regional manager she encounters patients regularly who suffer from vascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes, most commonly caused by a lifetime of poor food choices. Inspired by her job, and the rising obesity rates for both children and adults in the United States, Imwalle decided to search for children’s books about the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle for her kids to read. The lack of options for this kind of children’s literature motivated Imwalle to write her own book – Sir Morgan and the Kingdom of Horrible Food. With a drive to educate children early, so they make good food choices and have a healthy adult life, Imwalle enlisted the writing help of her daughter Isabella and son Cameron, ages five and eight at the time) to assure the book was fun and interesting to younger readers.

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